Time to Make a Comeback

I love that feeling at the beginning of a semester where you feel you can take on the world. You have a plan and you’re going to stick to it. Never once have I followed that plan through to the end though and I feel the same has happened with this blog! I hate the idea of making excuses but man did I underestimate how difficult it was going to be to work with the study plan I had set myself, work part-time, have a social life and write this blog.

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If You Got It Flaunt It

A few weeks back I spoke about my current and previous job(s), how difficult they were to find and how that although some of them were tough, unpleasant and soul breaking that there were skills and experience to be gained from each of them. One of the most difficult things about getting a job is having the right kind of CV. Now, I’m no guru when it comes to writing them but I am the guru’s daughter and here are some tips and tricks I picked up from the man himself and that I still use today.

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Graduation Day

Last Janurary I bought my graduation dress. I got it in the post-debs sale in Debenhams. I was and still am delighted with it and have shoes to match too. But it’s going to be another year before I get to present and combine it with a cap and gown. One of the more difficult years I’ve had so far has resulted in me repeating final year. There’s part of me that is delighted! Maybe relieved is a more appropriate description. The idea of leaving university made me panic, upset and a little nervous to be honest. Stepping into the real world? I definitely wasn’t ready for that, but repeating?

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Electric Feel

Everyone has their own “things”. Things they like to do such as reading, singing, blogging.. Even festivals like Oxygen, Body & Soul and Electric Picnic. I’m no different you see but going to festivals was something I never took an interest in. Through out my life I’ve found myself suffering from very bad spells of social anxiety. I’ve gone from loving surrounding myself with people to hating it. I’ve thrived in groups and had almost complete break-downs and panic attacks when surrounded by those I’m unfamiliar with. It can be terrifying and utterly unpredictable but I manage! I’m more of a face your fears kind of gal so when I won two Electric Picnic tickets in work it was no exception.

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Working Nine to Five.. I Wish

Getting a job was one of the most difficult tasks of my life.. So far. I am only twenty-three after all. “You need experience, to get experience” is a complete understatement. Fortunately, my father is an absolute expert when it comes to writing a curriculum vitae because he’s read so many that he knows exactly what employers are looking for! So with a bit of help from Daddy (another understatement) and a few others and my obsessive compulsive disorder, I managed to pull together a CV that has gotten me where I am today.

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House of Cats

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a cat. From the age of maybe five or six, they’ve been my favourite animal (closely followed by dogs, IMG_6465but not big one as I’ve recently discover that they scare the sh*t out of me..). My parents were never keen on the idea of getting a pet with much more responsibility than a goldfish, but we did have a number of rabbits. So it wasn’t until I moved out that I made an impulse decision to get a kitten. She was five weeks old. Black and white.

She is perfect. I introduce to you, my kitten, Nala ♥

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