Time to Make a Comeback

I love that feeling at the beginning of a semester where you feel you can take on the world. You have a plan and you’re going to stick to it. Never once have I followed that plan through to the end though and I feel the same has happened with this blog! I hate the idea of making excuses but man did I underestimate how difficult it was going to be to work with the study plan I had set myself, work part-time, have a social life and write this blog.

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It’s a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

I’m having difficulty opening up. I wake up every day with the best intentions to not allow any depression, anxiety or worry get in the way of my day.

When I set up this blog, I had fantastic intentions, ambitions and most of all I had confidence. But today, I’m having a bad day. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone how exactly it feels when I have a bad day. Of course, everyone has them but they’re different for different people.

I don’t have the best vocabulary to describe it so let me start small and I’ll do my best to build on it.

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