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Graduation Day

Last Janurary I bought my graduation dress. I got it in the post-debs sale in Debenhams. I was and still am delighted with it and have shoes to match too. But it’s going to be another year before I get to present and combine it with a cap and gown. One of the more difficult years I’ve had so far has resulted in me repeating final year. There’s part of me that is delighted! Maybe relieved is a more appropriate description. The idea of leaving university made me panic, upset and a little nervous to be honest. Stepping into the real world? I definitely wasn’t ready for that, but repeating?

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Blown Away by Alison McGovern

As I’ve said before I work in McDonald’s and it’s a regular occurrence that staff members get transferred between stores. So when Alison McGovern walked through the doors it was nothing unusual to me. Little did I know who had walked into my life.

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Even the Cake was in Tiers


Hello all!

This weekend, I found myself sitting in the back of a rental Ford Focus with my family arguing about the directions to Hatch House in Wiltshire, the venue of my cousin, Simon’s, wedding celebration.

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