Hello all!

This weekend, I found myself sitting in the back of a rental Ford Focus with my family arguing about the directions to Hatch House in Wiltshire, the venue of my cousin, Simon’s, wedding celebration.

I say celebration because he had actually already tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Jen. The two brought forward their special day in hopes that the bride’s very ill father would be able to attend. Unfortunately, he passed the week previous. Despite this tragedy, the two carried on with the wedding in his honour. It was a small affair from what I’ve heard, with close friends and relatives of both the bride and groom. A lovely way to honour someone, in my opinion. I’m welling up at the thought!

Anyway, yesterday was the big day! Family and friends from across the globe gathered to celebrate the marriage of Mr and Mrs Simon Rodgers.

The venue was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the day was overall perfect. I managed to prevent my tears of joy during the short but sweet ceremony, hiding behind my sunglasses as I sat in the front row, only steps away from the clearly completely lovelorn couple. They shared their happy day with their young daughter Chloe, who despite being under the weather, was dressed as a bridesmaid and behaved exceptionally well.

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My brother and I sat at a table full of interesting characters, mainly Jen’s cousins. We all took pride in our table and even had a celebratory drink to show it. The food was to die for. Antipasti to start, a selection of meats with vegetables on the side as the main and a choice of cheesecake or vanilla pannacotta with fruit for dessert, all served in a Brazilian fashion or so I was told. Another contributing factor to the magnificent day.

The speeches. Well, I couldn’t contain myself. Each speech was so well thought out, full of love, in-jokes, support and bundles of hope and wishes of happiness for the new family. Simon even played Ed Sheeran’s “17” on guitar with specially altered lyrics. Unfortunately, it was unanimously thought that he should definitely not give up the day job. There were far too many moments of kindness, joy and welcome that I couldn’t help but have a little cry… Only a little one though. Couldn’t have the makeup I spent two hours perfecting that morning go to waste!

At this point, things get a bit blurry, as I hit the dance floor, thanks to the free champers and wine available… I think I’d like to keep it that way too. Although it must be mentioned that having pizza available was an extremely good shout!

I couldn’t let the day go unmentioned. It was so beautiful and heart-warming that it needed to be shared with the world!

Wishing the happy couple congratulations and all the best for the long and love-filled life they’ll have together with their young daughter.

Now.. There aren’t many weddings left to be had in this family… Who will be next?

As Tigger would say, TTFN!